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Finding the right data can be difficult and time-consuming. Studies have shown that 53% of CFOs worry that they're not sharing the best possible data1. Streamline the data retrieval process with Moneycorp’s FX Market Analysis Position (M.A.P.) Report. Designed with CFOs and finance professionals in mind, this all-encompassing analysis provides real-time data and insights – customized to your specific business goals.

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The Most Essential Data in One All-Encompassing Report.

Providing strategic decision-makers with comprehensive reporting, moneycorp’s FX M.A.P. analysis tool offers convenient, efficient, and personalized FX hedging recommendations all tailored to fit your business needs.

With heightened expectations to show powerful data and pressure to provide instant insights on FX regulation and risk, finance professionals can benefit from the digitization of more efficient ways to compile all the necessary data.

*Not all products and services are available in all areas.

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What's in an FX M.A.P. Report?

We understand that the digitization of finance has created many new benefits and opportunities for CFOs and finance professionals to formulate more strategic plans and big picture blueprints for business success.

However, with these benefits, we also acknowledge that everyone's time is more valuable than ever. Through the curation of customized reporting insights, an FX M.A.P. report allows the modern finance professional more time to take advantage of the FX risk management data. Ensuring you can provide your business with an effective plan to navigate an uncertain world.

Requesting a monthly FX M.A.P. report can ensure that all members of the leadership team from CIOs to CEOs are up to speed on the latest movements and trends of the global currency markets that may affect your business. Get access to:

  • piggybank

    Current Position Analysis

    By answering a few questions, we'll generate information about your business’s current position and organize the most valuable insights at a glance.

  • bulkcurrency

    FX Market Commentary

    Receive real-time foreign currency market commentary personalized with your business goals in mind.

  • beneficiary

    Monthly Budget Breakdown

    View in-depth breakdowns of your monthly FX budget and obtain a supported consensus strategy to better manage your market expectations.

  • dealer

    Make Effective Decisions at A Glance

    Present this easy-to-read report and become your company’s best resource for FX hedging data and payment strategy.

1. Accenture, CFO Reimagined, 2018. PDF 

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